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  • Darth Vader could be making an appearance in the Star Wars Han Solo movie

    26 de julio de 2017 01:08 PM 29

    Han might be getting in trouble with the Empire. A very familiar – and terrifying – face could be seen in the Star Wars spin-off movie for Han Solo. Spencer Wilding played Darth Vader in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, although a different actor (Daniel Naprous) portrayed the iconic character in the epic final scene, and it turns out that Wilding is also shooting

  • Ex-Panamanian president denied bond in Miami files emergency bid with Supreme Court

    24 de julio de 2017 07:47 PM 30

    Attorneys for former Panamanian President Ricardo Martinelli, who is being detained in Miami on an extradition request to his homeland, filed an emergency petition with the U.S. Supreme Court on Monday that asserts his constitutional rights have been violated because his bid for bond was denied. Martinelli’s legal team argued that federal courts nationwide

  • The Spanish Artist Transforming Women's Stretch Marks Into Rainbow-Coloured Works Of Art

    24 de julio de 2017 03:14 PM 22

    A 21-year-old artist and self-proclaimed feminist from Spain is teaching women to love their stretch marks in the most colourful way yet. Whether you call them your 'tiger stripes', 'lightning strikes', or 'mummy medals', one things for sure – stretch marks should be celebrated, loved, and embraced from women (and men) across the world. One woman on a mission

  • UPDATED: TC3 student among two killed in taxi van crash

    21 de julio de 2017 04:21 AM 25

    TOWN OF CORTLANDVILLE (WBNG) -- The Tompkins Cortland Community College released a statement Thursday afternoon identifying one of its students as among the fatalities. In the statement, President Orinthia Montague says that one of the two killed in the early morning crash was second-year student, Roberto Eduardo Mata Lopez. The college said Lopez was from the Dominican

  • Daddy Yankee on Chester Bennington's Death: 'This Is a Cold and Cruel Industry'

    20 de julio de 2017 11:08 PM 167

    After reading the news, the urban superstar took to Instagram to honor Bennington by sharing a photo of the two together and writing a positive message to all fans. “It breaks my soul in many pieces because we, as humans, go through so many tests and mental crises," he wrote. "This is a cold and cruel industry that sometimes destroys our heart and our minds

  • Musician strums his guitar during BRAIN SURGERY to treat a disorder that stopped him playing the instrument

    20 de julio de 2017 03:56 PM 15

    An Indian man was made to strum his beloved guitar during brain surgery - so doctors could make sure nothing went wrong. Abhishek Prasad, 37, was given the instrument during the the complex operation to treat a rare neurological disorder. Before the operation, the musician had cramp in fingers on one hand that had stopped him from playing the guitar

  • Vladimir Putin 'bathes in blood extracted from severed deer antlers' believed to boost health, according to extraordinary claim in Russian media

    18 de julio de 2017 02:56 PM 25

    Vladimir Putin is bathing in blood extracted from the severed antlers of Maral deer in an attempt to boost his health, according to extraordinary reports in the Russian media. Ahead of a visit to the Altai Mountains last year, some 70 kilograms of stag antlers were prepared for the Russian leader 'to take antler baths', reported a local media outlet

  • RPT-Mexicana Bachoco dice logra acuerdo para adquirir estadounidense AQF

    18 de julio de 2017 12:17 PM 32

    CIUDAD DE MÉXICO, 17 jul (Reuters) - El productor avícola mexicano Industrias Bachoco anunció el lunes que logró un acuerdo para adquirir a la estadounidense Albertville Quality Foods (AQF), aunque no reveló el monto de la operación. AQF, localizada en Alabama, tiene ventas por 270 millones de dólares al año, dijo Bachoco, y el acuerdo se logró a través

  • Egipto impone visa de entrada a ciudadanos de Qatar

    18 de julio de 2017 12:39 AM 20

    EL CAIRO, 17 jul (Xinhua) -- Egipto decidió hoy imponer visas de entrada para los ciudadanos qataríes conforme al principio de reciprocidad, informó la agencia estatal MENA. Ahmed Abu Zeid, vocero del Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores de Egipto, dijo que están exentos los ciudadanos qataríes de madre egipcia y los esposos o esposas de los nacionales

  • Furgón se vuelca con 17 pacientes de diálisis en Osorno

    15 de julio de 2017 11:18 PM 316

    El accidente involucró tres vehículos: dos furgones y una camioneta. Las víctimas quedaron sin lesiones luego del choque. Un furgón que trasladaba a 17 pacientes de diálisis que eran trasladados al Hospital Base de Osorno se volcó luego de colisionar con otro furgón, luego de que ya había chocado con una camioneta. El accidente se produjo en la ruta internacional